Mark Wahlberg To Flip Burgers In A Reality Series For A&E

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Mark Wahlberg isn't satisfied being a A-list movie star commanding millions per movie. He now wants to work in fast-food. As reported by Deadline Hollywood, the Planet of The Apes star (and let's see, what else has he been in, oh yeah, everything) is going to be flipping burgers in a reality show called Wahlburgers (Get it? It's a pun on their surname!) for A&E premiering January 22. He will be joined with his brother, former New Kid, Donnie Walhberg.

What is Wahlburgers? Well, it's a burger joint that he and his brothers started in Boston and is actually working on a second location. The chef behind Wahlburgers is their other brother Paul, who hasn't been in as many movies.

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