Narcos Try to Smuggle Marijuana Across U.S.-Mexico Border By Hiding It in Corn Tortillas

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It's always a gay old time down in the U.S.-Mexico border, where the eternal dance between the Border Patrol and people trying to smuggle things into our country never ends. And the finest soldier in this is food: hell, even otherwise law-abiding Mexicans will cover up things they don't want to declare to customs by stuffing them in bags of cheese, masa--everything and anything that they can cook up later.

Keep that in mind with news that la migra caught a man in Arizona trying to hide the 384 pounds of marijuana among the 44 packs of corn tortillas he had.

Our mother paper over at the Phoenix New Times has the full story. The only thing we'll add is that the smuggler was a pendejo, not so much for his strategy but for picking the wrong tortillas: everyone knows Tucson is flour tortilla country, so anyone trying to go around town with a bunch of corn tortillas is immediately going to get heat from the cops. Hell, the smuggler might've just painted a marijuana leaf on his pinche van...PENDEJO!

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