Bacon Bloody Mary at Break of Dawn, Our Drink of the Week!

If you've yet to try the wonder that is Break of Dawn, the Laguna Hills restaurant that has won multiple Best Of awards with us over the years, you better go quick: it's about to move. Owner Dee Nguyen is already working on a spring opening for his new place, which will have the same name and Viet/whatever-the-hell-he-feels-like menu, except in a bigger location not too far away from the one currently in operation. He's making his own tables, benches, and chairs--in other words, he'll continue to be the same GANGSTA we know and love.

If you've yet to try this wonder, go during breakfast. Go hung over. Then order Nguyen's Bloody Mary and marvel.

Nguyen gets a chilled collins glass and fills it with soju and his own Bloody Mary mix, which features a dash of his brutal house hot sauce; in the mix, it'll make you cough just for a second. Then comes the garnishes: homemade pickled green beans, a pointless celery stick to reassure South County housewives that this is a traditional Bloody Mary, and Nguyen's house-cured bacon, as crunchy as toffee. I wish he had a full liquor license so it could be a Bloody Maria, but the soju does the trick. If you've yet to try the wonder that is Break of Dawn...what the hell is wrong with you?

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Location Info

Break of Dawn Restaurant

24291 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA

Category: Restaurant

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