6 Seasonal Foods That Really Need To Stop Being Seasonal

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Dave Lieberman
There's always next year

I have gone on record about my disdain of a few seasonal foods already--pumpkin spice, turkey and McRibs among them, and those foods should stay seasonal so I don't have to hear about them all the time. But, I admit I do have my soft spots. There are a few dishes that for whatever reason are restricted to certain seasons. Each year, I mark calendar and get ready to binge, only to have to say goodbye a few shorts months, weeks and even days later. What's it going to take to keep these foods year-round? More than a list, but hey, a guy can hope, can't he?

6. Persimmons

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Only a little bit left

Yes, I know there are reasons why fruits are seasonal, but persimmons (specifically Jiro persimmons, the firm ones) are possibly the most perfect fruit in existence. It's a travesty that they can only be consumed for a few months each year.

Think about it. They have a mellow, happy sweetness that doesn't offend. They're not overly juicy, so they're easy to keep neat. They don't get much sweeter as they ripen, so you don't have to be super careful about timing. What more could you ask for in a fruit?

Persimmon season is starting to wrap up already, so if you haven't had one yet this year, please go out and get one. How persimmons haven't become California's favorite fruit and subject to hot-house production so we can have them year-round is beyond me.

5. Capirotada


I normally dislike bread puddings, but capirotada? The Mexi-derived bread pudding is unlike any other bread pudding in existence, but sadly it only shows up around Lent.

A rare combination of bolillos, sugar, spices, fruits, nuts and cheese--yes, cheese--capirotada has a wonderfully varied texture and an uncommon flavor profile.

If only our Mexican-in-Chief Gustavo could convince his mom to make it sometime other than right before Easter.

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