Ultimate Beerfest Shuts Down Early, Pisses Off Literally Everyone

From Beerfest Instagram
Not so frosty, is it?

The Orange County Ultimate Beerfest nearly became an Ultimate Fighting preview last Saturday due to poor logistical planning and the cancelation of the second half of the event.

According to social posts by attendees, the event was mired by long lines, a lack of staff, missing vendors, ridiculously small tasting flutes among other problems.

Check out our photos from session one of the Beerfest, where you can see the attendees being wonderfully pleasant people.

Anger started brewing early as lines to get into the event grew. The Beerfest, which was held at the OC Fairground, promised to have doors open by 11 a.m. for VIP tickets but did not start allowing attendees to enter until roughly 10 minutes after noon, according to Craft Beer Guy Lloyd Brown. Once doors had opened, attendees complained about slow entry due to limited staff handling entry waivers.

Things weren't much better inside, according to social media posts made by attendees. Not all of the advertised 26 breweries had made the trip, and the event planner hasn't found enough volunteers to man all of the taps, resulting in long waits for only 2-ounce tasters. Attendees, reportedly fed up with the waits, began to have volunteers fill pint glasses that were being sold and Solo Cups from the beer pong competition.

Beerfest Facebook
Craft beer, everybody!

After the scheduled end of the event's first session at 3 p.m., the event organizer sent an email announcing the cancelation of the second half of the event due to "unruly Session 1 attendees."

An update on the Beerfest website currently reads "The Ultimate Beerfest OC has been shut down by the order of the OC Fair & Event Center, due to the actions of some unruly Session 1 attendees. If you didn't get an opportunity to enjoy the craft beer selections in Session 2, we are woking to accomodate you."

However, no attendees reported unruly behavior and OC Sheriffs Lt. Steve Gill told the Reg that law enforcement did not close the event.

Attendees have been foaming on social media since Saturday. Conversely, the Beerfest's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been dark since Oct. 10.

Beerfest Facebook
One stars everywhere!

Here too!

The Ultimate Beerfest's next event is scheduled for Pasadena on Nov. 23.

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Alan Corcoran
Alan Corcoran

So, an event that celebrates drinking beer is poorly organized, gets out of hand and shuts down early. Sounds about right!

Lon Hall
Lon Hall

Glad I was already busy that day or I would have been fucked also!

Will Eudave
Will Eudave

who is ultimately behind this OC Weekly like is there a certain company or organization that set this up. i want to know so i can never buy from them again. ULTIMATE BULLSHIT

Tom Slick Pearson
Tom Slick Pearson

inexcusable. Glad I did not buy tickets to attend this botched event. And thanks to this happening, I will be aware not to support these promoters at any event they are involved with.


OC Fest of Ales, OC Brew Ha Ha and Nepenthia are the only beer fests in Orange County you should attend; ever. All real craft beer, no beer pong and 4oz tasters. Great food, great volunteers and great for the community as well! 

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