First Space-Based Microbrewery to Begin Operating in December

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Photo by William Murphy
This thing can fly, right?

Space isn't really known for its great restaurants, but it'll have the roots of a great brewing tradition pretty soon thanks to Michal Bodzianowski, an 11-year-old genius from Colorado.

The whiz kid, who attends a science- and technology-focused public school, recently won a national competition to send an experiment up to the International Space Station (ISS) with a plan to examine how the fermentation process works in microgravity -- for medical reasons, of course.

Bodzianowski's experiment will be one of 11 headed to the ISS in December. It was selected from a field of 744.

He came up with the idea after reading that people in the Middle Ages would drink beer instead of water because it was more pure.

He hopes that the results from the experiment can help if someone in space ever needs a source of reliable water.

Unfortunately for ISS astronauts -- who I would argue are up there in people who need clean sources of water, they won't be allowed to drink the homebrew over their own recycled piss.

Will Bodzianowski eventually be space's first brewmaster? Hopefully, because dehydrated beer just doesn't sound that appealing.

Image by the Canadian Space Agency
And plus, imagine all of the Space drinking games that have yet to be invented.

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