Seal Beach, Ruby's Diner To Have Court-Moderated Hearing

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A hearing has been scheduled in the Seal Beach-Ruby's Diner lawsuit for the end of October, reports the The Sun. The alternative dispute resolution review hearing, which is scheduled for Oct. 28, is the court's attempt to get the diner and the city to resolve the case before it goes to trial.

The trial is scheduled to begin on March 24.

Photo by JC Vera
Many a person has been woo'd on this pier

Ruby's Diner first opened at the end of the Seal Beach Pier in 1987, but it closed on Jan. 2 of this year when business' lease with the city ended. Under the terms of the original lease, Ruby's could have continued operation while new terms were discussed, albeit at a higher rate.

After the diner closed, the city filed a lawsuit in March.

In the lawsuit, Seal Beach accuses Ruby's of failing to make $570,000 worth of maintenance and renovation to the property as required by the original terms of the lease. Ruby's officials contend that the improvements were made.

Hopefully, the lawsuit gets worked out soon, because I really need that date spot.

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JBinOC topcommenter

Love it that you are aggressively mining newsworthy items for this blog, Chaz.  

But you neglected to include the most important nugget from The Sun's story:

"The city issued a request for proposal to put a family-friendly restaurant back in the building at the end of the pier.


The only proposal received came from Art Haack, the former Ruby’s manager, who proposed bringing a Ruby’s franchise back.

Seal Beach extended the deadline for receiving proposals.

No one else responded."

No offense...but the food aficionados who read this blog are more interested in what is happening with a primo restaurant location, than in your need for a seductive venue to woo a young lass. 

Am hoping you keep up the good work. 

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