Seabirds Kitchen OPEN TODAY

Photo by Charles Lam

Seabirds Kitchen, the new brick-and-mortar headquarters for the venerable Seabirds Truck, is open for its first full day of business today. They'll be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. serving the vegan fare that we all know and love.

Located in the LAB near Gypsy Den, the interior is not quite finished, but already plenty pretty. And anyways, THE KITCHEN IS READY, and that's the important part. People were plenty happy to grub on Seabirds while standing around in parkings lots for goodness sake.

Photo by Charles Lam
The interior, though unfinished, is already nice and comfy

The restaurant actually hosted a surprise dinner service last night to open up.

It's no secret how we feel about Seabirds, or the people who work there, so suffice it to say we're excited to see what comes out of their full-sized kitchen. Attached below is their current menu. What are you waiting for? GO GO GO.


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