Remember Sizzler? It's Offering a Steak-and-Chicken Dinner for $7.99

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Remember Sizzler? Everyone does, but it seems that only a few of us really pays much attention these days to the chain that began in 1958 and peaked when Wham! was popular.

But somehow it still shows up now and again in pop culture. Anthony Bourdain featured it in his CNN show Parts Unknown. So Sizzler, by all accounts, is still around. I even recall there was a concerted effort a while back by new investors to revive the brand.

Now I've received word that they're offering their Steak and Malibu Chicken dinner for $7.99. No, it's not sold individually for $7.99; It's offered together for $7.99, and with a baked potato (or a side of your choice) no less. The price is apparently what the same meal would've cost in the nineties.

What's even more than nostalgic for me than the price is that Malibu Chicken--a chicken breast gilded with ham and melted Swiss, served with a mayo-mustard sauce--something that I haven't had in decades.

The offer started this week and lasts till November 10.

Now to find if there's still a Sizzler near you!

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