Huntington Beach Wants to Ban Styrofoam

By their powers combined...

The Huntington Beach City Council voted 5-2 on Monday with Mayor Pro Tem Matthew Harper and Councilmember Joe Carchio against to have City Attorney Jennifer McGrath look into a possible ordinance to limit the use of Styrofoam by food vendors in the city. The vote came after a request by Mayor Connie Boardman stemmed by a presentation given by group of students from Pegasus School, a K-8 private school in the city.

Boardman wrote that the junior planeteers' presentation on Oct. 7 reminded her of the sheer amount of foam waste that ends up on the city's beaches.

Flickr User Dan Century
Seriously though, this isn't cool guys

With their powers combined, city food vendors may soon have to follow an ordinance similar to San Bruno's, which requires vendors to use biodegradable, reusable or recyclable containers.

Huntington Beach adopted a similar ordinance in 1993, but that law only required Styrofoam reduction at city-owned or city-contracted vendors. Currently, over 70 California cities have ordinances similar to San Bruno.

The next city council meeting is Nov. 5.

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Alex Cassidy
Alex Cassidy

Have you been here? That's literally all we have. The entire population would have to move out.

Niko Babic
Niko Babic

I am fine with this. Think of all the single Indian teardrops we could save!

Adam Abrams
Adam Abrams

Probably not a bad idea. Styrofoam leeches chemicals into whatever you put it in and is non biodegradable..

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown

they already banned plastic grocery bags too. Nov 1st no more bags

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