Five Ridiculous Nicknames Americans Have for Mexican Food

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While you will find no greater apologist for the American love affair with Mexican food, even I have my limits. While I understand language is a fluid thing, with the same viscosity as a big ol' bowl of queso, sometimes Americans go too far. While I understand gabachos don't speak Spanish as a first language, and the American tendency is to butcher foreign tongues, the following manglings, elisions or outright appropriation of popular Mexican dishes is downright revolting. Let the horror show begin...

5. "Torts" for Tortillas

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Bad gabacho tortillas

I do believe this term was more prevalent in ye olden day, as I rarely hear it anymore, and I understand why it originated: people didn't know how to pronounce the double-l sound in habla, so decided to chop off that inconvenience rather than sound the fool. Of course, shortening the word to a judicial term is not only pendejo, but has led to far too many horrible puns demanding "tort" reform--get it? Tort? Tortillas? AHAHAHAHAHAHA...oy vey.

4. "Guac" for Guacamole

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Of course, this girl can call it "guac" any day...

Another nickname that originated because gabachos couldn't pronounce the term, leading to all sorts of hilarious misspellings over the years. Unlike "torts," however, "guac" is a term that doesn't seem to be leaving us anytime soon--but at least it makes some type of sense, despite the fact that the sole syllable by itself is thisclose to guácatela, the Mexican Spanish term for disgust.

3. "'Dilla" for Quesadilla

No damn 'dilla, but a quesadilla

This is one I would've never believed could've possibly existed until I went to a restaurant in Missouri and overheard someone ask for a 'dilla. J-Dilla? Godzilla? Roc-a-fella? Really--'dilla for a quesadilla? Really. Again, I attribute this nickname to the gabacho refusal to learn how to pronounce the double-l--but, unlike "torts," it seems that gabachos now revel in their inability to bother to learn how to say that which they so love to devour.

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