Starbucks UK Introduces The "Duffin"--a Donut-Muffin Hybrid

Image Courtesy Starbucks
The cronut craze has inspired some knock-offs, most of them just renamings of the same croissant-donut formula. But now even the corporations are getting into the game. Starbucks in the UK has introduced something called the "Duffin", its attempt at cross-breeding breakfast pastries.

What is "duffin"? Why, the etymology should give it away: it's a donut crossed with a muffin. But here's how the Starbucks site describes it:

Is is a doughnut or is it a muffin? It is both - a Duffin! A delicious doughnut/muffin fusion. Lightly spiced with nutmeg, with a raspberry jam filling and a buttery sugar coating.

A manager at Starbucks UK had this to say about it:

"This fusion trend elevates traditional American products, so when we combined our American heritage with our hero muffin range and ever popular doughnuts, the Duffin seemed the perfect creation."

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And in typical heavy handed fashion, they filed a trademark application for DUFFIN despite its widespread prior use by third parties.

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