DC Government Shutdown Threatens OC Beer

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The Bruery
The shutdown could have shut down The Bruery's horchata beer!

"We're trying to make the best of it so we're gonna host a 'home brew day' on Nov. 2," said Glenn Closson, owner of Beach City Brewery. "Since we can't brew our own beer, we're inviting people who can legally brew their beer and teach people to home brew on our site."

To Closson's surprise, the TTB called the morning of Oct. 24, eight days after the end of the shutdown, to inform him that Beach City Brewery's Brewer's Notice had been approved, and that they could officially start moving forward.

Bottle Logic still remains in limbo, however. Although they received a call the day after the end of the shutdown, their Brewer's Notice has yet to be cleared by the TTB. While they're hopeful that someone in the department is looking at their file, Napolitano is eagerly waiting for the go ahead to start serving their product.

"We have all our equipment in place, the recipes are finalized, and our future customers are begging us daily for beer," said Napolitano. "We just can't legally brew it and provide it until the TTB permits and label approvals (for bottles) are completed."

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