UCI's Anthill Pub Puts Kibosh on Quarter Club, Its Legendary Drinking Tradition

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Photo by Charles Lam
The Anthill Pub on a Tuesday night during the first full week of classes.

Beer aficionados at UC Irvine's Anthill Pub have spent years getting their names carved into the walls by joining the Quarter Club, a collection of people--students, staff members, random people off the street--who have managed to drink at least one beer or glass of wine a day for an entire academic quarter. But at the beginning of this latest quarter, the next wave of hopped-up hopefuls were met with an unpleasant surprise: the Quarter Club was cancelled.

After years of doing battle with multiple various campus organizations about the existence of the club and any of its founded or un-founded "dangers," General Manager Scott Winterstein, who was a UC Irvine graduate student and has spent over 14 years running the pub, conceded the battle.

Photo by Charles Lam
Academia types drinking and... playing chess.

What the campus was lost was the largest source of unintentional beer snobs in South County. The challenge introduced all-comers to craft beers from across California and the United States, discarding Budweiser, Coors and Miller for breweries like Russian River, Stone and "Lagunitas. Needless to say, thirsty UCI kids are sad to see it go.

"When I was younger, I had a lot of older friends who were members of the Quarter Club and told me about it," said Kurt Fortunato, a UCI alum and three-time Quarter Club member. "I decided when I turned 21, I would join.

"Eventually, it became less about drinking a beer everyday and more about making time each day to be with my friends," Fortunato continued.

For many, it was an unexpected change, especially for a campus with a reputation of a lack of campus culture.

The Quarter Club was wildly successful even though it was hosted at a school often labeled as a commuter campus. Starting in the fall quarter of 2008 with an inaugural membership of nine, the wall of honor quickly expanded with a class of 23 in Spring 2009. Participation ballooned afterwards, peaking at 126 participants in Spring 2012. The last admitted class, Spring 2013, numbered 120. In total, over 800 people have joined the club, some upwards of 5 or 6 times.

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Even further bummer, since Anthill Pub will be the only 'within walking distance' option for enjoying good beer after 13 October, when Steelhead Brewing Co closes (very tragic news for me, the very first customer they had when they opened in September 1995).

Lon Hall
Lon Hall

Booo!! These old geezer was so excited to discover the Anthill Pub! When I was in college, it was against the law to sell alcohol within some distance (I don't recall what) from campus. It is so fun to sit at the bar in the Anthill and here college students in serious conversations over IBUs and ABVs. We had to go to Tijuana...

Matt Heinlein
Matt Heinlein

What a bummer... Anthill Pub & Grille :-((((

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