Amazon Fresh Begins OC Service; Pants No Longer Needed for Groceries

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Now on the 405.

Some people in Orange County no longer have to wear pants while grocery shopping, as AmazonFresh, Amazon's home grocery delivery service, is now active in parts of the county. AmazonFresh debuted in Los Angeles earlier this summer and has been operating in the Seattle metro since 2007.

"Since we launched AmazonFresh in Los Angeles in June, we have been steadily expanding our service area, which now includes communities in Orange County," said Amazon PR Rep Nell Rona by email.

Parts of Orange County eligible for service include Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Irvine and Newport Beach. Parts of Long Beach also have access to the program, which is currently being run out of a San Bernardino fulfillment center, according to Amazon.

Amazon users in Orange County have been receiving notification emails as their zip codes have been added to the service areas. A 30-day free trial is currently available. Afterwards, membership costs $299 per year and includes the benefits of a regular Amazon Prime membership, including free two-day shipping and video on demand.

Screenshot of AmazonFresh
Maybe not the most price efficient.

Orders over $35 placed through AmazonFresh receive free shipping. Those placed before 10 a.m. can be scheduled to arrive the same evening. Orders placed by 10 p.m. can arrive as early as the next morning. Users can schedule delivery windows for both doorstep deliveries and in-person deliveries.

In addition to run-of-the-mill groceries and assorted items, users have access to select specialty stores, including Diedrich-led Kean Coffee, Santa Ana-based juicer Living Juice, and Costa Mesa-based bakery Christopher Garren's.

Screenshot of AmazonFresh
But hey, at least it's pretty.

Prices aren't the most amazing, especially considering the amount of "specialty" products available. A standard 12-ounce, USDA Choice rib-eye steak comes in at $16; small avocados are $1.29 a piece; and organic baby carrots are $1.99 a pound. No competition price-wise for the Northgates, Mitsuwas, and 99 Ranches of Orange County, but if you're too lazy to drive to a Whole Foods and for some reason also want an Xbox controller with your kale? Well, maybe AmazonFresh is for you.

There's no list of eligible zipcodes available, but if you want to check if you qualify, visit

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