5 Things You'd Thought You'd Miss After Going Vegan

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Stop! In the name of...

The decision to go vegan can be an overwhelming one, especially in a culture where animal products are in so many different foods. But with growing interest in alternative sources of meals that don't include meat or dairy, many products that vegans thought were gone for good are opening back up. Some of them, by god, may even be better than the original recipes. The times, they are a changin'. Here are five examples of wonderful vegan alternatives--some more obvious than others.

5. Cookies

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Honestly, these look plenty better than some non-vegan cookies we've seen

Seriously, making vegan cookies is easy as hell. All you need is one of the many ingredients that you can use to replace eggs--bananas, applesauce, canned pumpkin, etc, etc., and you have yourself a vegan cookie. Just make sure to use dark chocolate or another vegan kind of chocolate if you're craving chocolate chips.

If you're not big on baking, there are plenty of delicious vegan cookies and pre-made cookie doughs available at health food stores like Whole Foods and Mother's Market. Even Trader Joe's has sacks of vegan cookies just sitting on their shelves nowadays. Serve with a tall glass of almond or soymilk and enjoy.

4. Ice Cream

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Nice and creamy

When someone says the word "dairy," you probably think of a couple staples: milk, cheese, and ice cream. But dairy-heavy a good ice cream does not make. The myriad of milk alternatives available now turn out some great ice cream, oftentimes better than traditional milk-based mixes.

Ice cream made with soymilk has more of the traditional flavor that's expected from dairy ice cream. Coconut milk-based ice creams have more of a creamy texture, with the bonus of a hint of coconut flavor (don't worry, the coconut doesn't overwhelm the actual flavor of the ice cream). Even if you're not vegan, you should try coconut ice cream just because it tastes delicious.

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Sugar Beak Bakery
Sugar Beak Bakery

There are TONS of vegan goodies you can get from Sugar Beak Bakery including rich chocolate ganache, chocolate-chip cookies, salted caramel, etc. Try us out --everything is locally handmade in the OC! :)

Acqua Glassing
Acqua Glassing

The first month of going vegan was the hardest. after that finding all the good spots became fun. Theres a place in PDX called Homegrown Smoker that you seriously cant even tell is fake meat and is some of the best bbq ive eaten. Real or Vegan. Especially now with Beyond Meat.it makes chicken dishes pretty easy to replicate.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Jesus who even cares. I'm vegan but I just sorta eat whatever. As long as it's convenient to eat vegan I do, otherwise whatever. Being so strict about your diet causes more problems than it cures. Lighten up folks. Some popeye's chicken or a big mac once a week isn't gonna hurt you. 

Rosemary Seaver
Rosemary Seaver

The list is right on the money. This is the main reason I'm still a Vegetarian instead of a Vegan.

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