Rancho Pescadero, Pescadero, B.C.S: Hotel Baja California

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Bill Esparza
Rancho Pescadero, B.C.S.

I must admit, the first time I set my eyes on Rancho Pescadero, I thought that any moment, Ricardo Montalbán and Hervé Villechaize might walk up from the beach in white suits glowing in the bask of the sun, and escort my wife and I to our room. There are certainly more expensive resorts in Cabo, but just to the north of Margaritaville is Rancho Pescadero, a remarkable, romantic getaway in the sleepy commercial fishing village of Pescadero, an Oasis between the Sierra Laguna mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 

There's nothing but you, that special someone, and the sand beneath your toes--you won't be startled out of bed by Sammy and the Waboritas playing "I Can't Drive 55"--and it's just a 30 minute drive from the Cabo Airport. The intimate resort is my favorite place to stay in the entire peninsula to truly getaway, sip some of the house tequila before turning in, and lounging on the rooftop canopy bed with a glass of wine from the Valle de Guadalupe. There are plenty of nice places to dine in Pescadero and nearby Todos Santos--Rancho's Chef Rodrigo Bueno is excellent, too, but the resort itself is the destination.  

Bill Esparza
Brianda and Carlitos at Carlito's Place, Pescadero

You can't go wrong dining at the resort--Chef Bueno's menu reflects an international style using local ingredients from the Pacific Ocean and the many nearby organic farms. 

If you want to make the scene in Pescadero(population 2,338); head over to Carlito's Place, a typical beach palapa(thatch roof) restaurant owned by Chef Carlitos Cham, and his partner Brianda that's inspired by Carlitos' dual heritage of Chinese and Mexican. It's a mash-up of gringo sushi, Sinaloan-style sushi, and Baja California products with some Pan-Asian flavors. 

Bill Esparza
Spiny lobster in curry, Carlito's Place

Start with the shrimp and crab stuffed banana peppers fried in a tempura batter dressed in a mango-ginger sauce and freckled with tobiko, or flying fish roe. Order the Magdalena Bay blue crab in a sweet sauce inspired by Vietnamese cooking that's fresh caught just north of Pescadero; the best dish is the spiny lobster in a yellow curry with a refreshing passion fruit margarita. 

Bill Esparza
Rancho Pescadero, B.C.S.

Todos Santos is only 10 minutes for more dining, and have a peaceful afternoon shopping, checking out the art galleries, and maybe a little Baja wine tasting at La Bodega de Todos Santos--in the morning, a stop for coffee at Baja Beans Roasting Company is something you'll find yourself adding to your routine while in Pescadero. 

Bill Esparza
Suites at Rancho Pescadero

Back at the ranch, have a massage on the terrace of your Spanish-style suite while a bottle of Mexican white wine chills as you gaze across the tops of undulating palm trees at the calm Pacific waters. 

Bill Esparza

Turn in early and get cozy on the floral draped bed--start from the rooftop bad and work your way down, or vice versa, and forget that other place--welcome to Hotel Baja California: Rancho Pescadero. 

Rancho Pescadero, Pescadero, B.C.S., 011-52-1-612-135-5849 (Mexico), and 910-300-8891 (U.S.), rancho1@ranchopescadero.com

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