No. 13: Soulrito at Papa's Fish & Soul Food

Gabriel San Román / OC Weekly

Like Kasey Kasem, we're counting down the hits, except ours nourish your belly as well as your soul. Just a few weeks left in our listicle of listicles known as 100 Favorite Dishes (INSERT YEAR). YEAH!!!

Hey, don't ding us for listicles: Weekly DataLab studies show ustedes love this gimmick, launched in honor of our coming Best Of issue. Besides, it is rather fun to do this for us Forkers--an opportunity to highlight dishes from restaurants we'll never fully review, or secrets from old standbys. Anyhoo, let the march begin...

A soul food restaurant in Orange County is a blessed rarity, so thanks be to the good God in heaven that a restaurant serving up all the fixings opened up almost a year ago and is still going strong. Reverend Jonathan Jenkins is the man in the kitchen for Papa's Fish & Soul Food in West Anaheim, with smothered chicken, BBQ ribs, and fried catfish on the menu along with sweet tea.

He also dabbles a little in fusion food, too. That's where the soul food burrito--dubbed the 'Soulrito'--comes in!

See also:

A hefty brick of black-and-brown unity, the Soulrito takes a big flour tortilla and wraps red beans, collard greens, and tender roasted pork all together. The real kicker is the soul sauce that packs enough heat to have beads of sweat form at the brow while inducing a case of the spicy sniffles!

"What's in the sauce?" I prodded Rev. Jenkins. "A lot of soul," was all he would let on.

The recipe will stay a secret, but here's a hint: Order a side of mac 'n' cheese to scoop into your burrito bites, not only to turn down the soul sauce's heat a few degrees, but to add on to the flavor. For the early birds, the Soulrito has a breakfast brother filled with eggs, hot links, potatoes and soul sauce that will power you through your workday. Both versions will warmly rest in the stomach like smoldering coals.

Sit back, relax and just let your Soulrito glow!

The list:

14: Combination Grill Plate at Kareem's Restaurant
15. Ta Pin Lu at Pagolac
16. The Chicken at XA Sweet & Savory Cafe
17. Mashed Potatoes at Tender Greens
18. Twice-Baked Potato Purée at James Republic
19. Salmon at Tavern On The Coast
20. Omakase at Sushi Noguchi
21. Pescado Zarandeado at Mariscos Los Primos
22. Sausage Anything from Sabatino's
23. Cemita Poblana from El Camino Real Market
24. Champurrado and Pan Dulce from Las Tres Princesas
25. Grilled Watermelon Salad At XA Sweet & Savory Cafe
26. Beer Brat At LinX
27. Bloody Mary Brunch at Charlie Palmer
28. Pork Belly Slider From The Golden Truffle
29. Hot Chocolate at The Catch
30. 95% of the Menu at Confetti Italian Ice
31. Hu Tieu at Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan
32. Beef Salad (aka "The Bobby Special") at Sophy's Fine Thai & Cambodian Cuisine
33. "No Soup" Ramen at Santouka Ramen
34. Wild Mushroom Taco at Taco Asylum
35. Chivito at Puerto Madero/El Gaucho #2
36. Lamb Burger at Haven Gastropub
37. Breakfast Tacos at Chelas Mexican Grill
38. Grilled Brie With Apples And Fig Jam at Boudin SF
39. Fried Almond Shrimp Balls at Capital Seafood
40. Tulsa Potatoes At Tulsa Rib Company
41. Tiropites from Kentro Greek Kitchen
42. Pasta Salad from Crave
43. Chicken Plate at Surfin' Chicken
44. Rosemary Madeleine from Little Sparrow
45. Umeboshi Ochazuke at Kappo Suzumaru
46. Soft Tofu Soup at DooRei
47. Hitsumabushi at Sagami
48. The Fireball at Cortina's
49. Paint It Black Pie at Rebel Bite
50. Pidan Doufu at I-Tea Cafe
51. The Happy Hour Specials at Ahi Ahi Sushi Bar & Grill
52. Free Happy Hour Food at Gulliver's
53. Banh Tom at Van's Restaurant
54. Dinner at Marrakesh
55. Congee at Capital Seafood
56. Taquito Burrito at Cuca's Mexican Food
57. Clam Chowder at Billy's at the Beach
58. Volcan at Tacos Ruben y Mulitas
59. The Burger at ARC
60. Chocolate Chip Cookie at Crave
61. Lime Curd At Playground
62. Every Damn Thing at Mochi Cream
63. Most Things at Devilicious Donuts
64. Robiola Bosina at Provisions Market
65. Bite-Sized Stinky Tofu at Tofu King
66. Tacos Dorados at Tortas Ahogadas Los Primos
67. Tlacoyo at El Rincon Chilango
68. Whole Pig Roast at Haven Gastropub
69. Chingaderas at Smoqued BBQ
70. The Continuous Ramen Chronicles at The Playground
71. Shrimp & Grits at Slapfish
72. Bacon Cotton Candy at Biggy's Meat Market
73. Urban 3b at Urban Seoul
74. Waffles & Chicken from The Slummin' Gourmet & Waffles de Liege
75. Ahi Tuna Tartar at Nieuport 17
76. Chicken Wings at Hashigo Korean Kitchen
77. Brussels Sprouts Pizza at Pizzeria Mozza
78. Breakfast Sausage Hash at Thasos Greek Island Grille
79. Chocolate Doughnut with Jacobsen Sea Salt at Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee
80. Loco Moco Dog at Dogzilla
81. Fruit Tart at Le Croissant Dore
82. Daing Na Bangus (Marinated Milkfish) Silog Breakfast at Chowking
83. Strawberry Basil Lemonade at Mick's Karma Bar
84. Lemongrass Chicken Salad at Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop
85. Tofu Soup at Tasty Thai
86. Take-Out Dim Sum at Capital B.B.Q. and Dim Sum Express
87. Hodo Gwaja at Cocohodo
88. Popcorn Chicken Salad at Guppy House
89. Fried Okra at Memphis Soul Cafe & Bar
90. Salted Egg With Bitter Melon & Scrambled Egg at Tasty Noodle House
91. Boysenberry Lemonade from Bautista Creek Local Produce at SOCO Farmers' Market
92. Scallop Carpaccio with Curry Oil and Yuzu Vinaigrette from Cafe Hiro
93. White Board Specials at Taco Adobe
94. Coney Dog at LinX
95. Halal Pizzas from San Giovanni Pizzas
96. Clayuda at El Fortín
97. Lunch Buffet at Dosa Express
98. The Meats at Darya in Orange
99. Panocha at Taquería Zamora
100. Bean-and-Cheese Burrito from Del Taco

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Location Info

Papa's Fish and Soul Food

2662 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA

Category: Restaurant

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Dorian Jones
Dorian Jones

You mean "Blacks" and Mexicans? Because you drop the PC nonsense, you know.

Lon Hall
Lon Hall

Interesting comment, Danielle. I got convicted of drug trafficking in the late 60s and eventually wound up in a medium security 'camp' in San Diego county. Almost all of my fellow inmates were either black or hispanic. Luckily I know Spanish!

Lon Hall
Lon Hall

Boo! We wouldn't have anything to eat if we went with your program, James. You think soul food is "pure"?! Mexican food is a hodge-podge of influences for at least a dozen cultures.

Lon Hall
Lon Hall

can't remember the name of lancheria that I stumbled on serving Korean BBQ tacos. I love the collision of cultures we have!

Jerry Vazquez
Jerry Vazquez

I rather go to Rick Bayles Fronteras Grill restaurant.

James Crowley
James Crowley

Fusion is gross. Need to just have separate but equal food styles. Have some bomb soul food separate from mexican deliciousness. Combining is always a bad idea.

Nash Alvarado
Nash Alvarado

Rice and beans in a Burrito, forgive me but, Oh Hell No! Not Even ese!

Geof Dail
Geof Dail

I'm guessing calling it Nacho Taco was a little on the nose?

Matt Miller Sr.
Matt Miller Sr.

This place has good food, but he usually has nothing ready when he first opens. You have to go later in the day if you want any bbq to be ready. The owner is a real nice guy.

Jose Bermudez
Jose Bermudez

I used to get fried chicken livers at this one soul food restaurant and take them home. I'd take corn tortillas, cilantro, scrape the breading, add whatever salsa I had to that and make tacos. I'd then eat the breading on the side.

Treysea Tate
Treysea Tate

Their food is waaaaay tooo salty - and a testament to the fact that folks are sooo soul food starved here they'll accept a mediocre example as what's great soul food. Too bad though, I was really looking forward to not driving home or to LA for some good-good :(

Ask a Mexican
Ask a Mexican

Guess what? I booted TWO pendejos for their pendejadas on this!

Ask a Mexican
Ask a Mexican

Oh, great: Another indigenazi moron. You get the boot, too.

Ask a Mexican
Ask a Mexican

Gabriel: A real Mexican isn't a racist illiterate disphit like yourself. I fully support your 1st Amendment right to say those words in front of a group of African-Americans—on MY page, I don't tolerate crap like yours. FUERA!

Jose Bermudez
Jose Bermudez

Freedom of speech only has to do with the government not locking you up for speaking your mind. It has nothing to do with Gustavo throwing your ass out of here for acting the fool with your ignorant pendejadas. You take the the Man's bait every time you think the struggle is between you and another historically oppressed people.

Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez

That's right Gabriel, Not a damn thing! These mayateros need to wake up! we have our own leaders, cultures etc etc.

Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez

Like Gabriel Perez said, What have they ever done for us? NADA!

Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez

So it is no mystery to me why Oprah would rather build a school for girls in HER TRUE homeland rather than donate money to her people here. Cause over there, they just want education, water, food, hospitals, peace, happiness for their village. Over here they value "Bad bitches" swag, gawdy jewelry, obese white women, 22 inch rims and weaves and other fake hair products. If you get offended by this you clearly missed the true message in what i am saying.

Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez

You know the difference between the US and Africa? Even with all that goes on the blacks over there KNOW their homeland and know where they belong. They have their tradition, tribe heritage,& authentic names. Over here they just make excuses on slavery somehow giving them claims to our land (I'm Iroquois the whites brought you here that's them not us) simply because they've been here so long and then bitch about how they were stolen from Africa yet make no efforts to help their people there or learn about the heritage they lost or to return to the homeland just like the Hebrews did out of Egypt.

Melanie Crabapple
Melanie Crabapple

Should be taken advantage of after one has celebrated the freedom to learn how to write.

Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez was digitally remade he never did it with them personally aswell was done after he was dead who ain't takeing his music and makeing it how they want so wat don't mean nothing pac was part of the problem not the soulotion

Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez

Mang f*** u I ain't said s*** raceist u fake a** Mexican suck me

Ask a Mexican
Ask a Mexican

Gabriel: Watch it with your racial epithets, grammar, and spelling—in that order.

Phillip Medina
Phillip Medina

He's coming back. Or at least that's what wanksters think

Lu Rod
Lu Rod

<===== Vegetarian Hm, I wonder if Papa's has Yummy Veggie Dishes.......

Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez

Screw tupac tht nigga ain't never did shit for us Mexicans so wat he mentioned us he ain't do shit for us let alone his own people

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