Masala Craft Takes Over Pascal At Hutton Centre in Santa Ana

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Edwin Goei
This is not a picture of Masala Craft, but rather Pascal's, when it was still in business
A new Indian restaurant called Masala Craft has taken over the space vacated by Pascal at Hutton Centre December of last year. Where Pascal used to have "Crepes," "Panini," Salad," and "Panini," stenciled on a street facing window, Masala Craft now "Curry," "Tandoori," "Naan," and "Tikka," using what appears to be the exact same font and placement.

But it's every way different than Pascal's. A hot lunch line with chafing tables--similar to other fast-food Indian like Natraj at the Irvine Market Place--is ready for building your one, two or three item-combo, which includes a piece of fresh baked naan.

Masala Craft, 2 Hutton Center Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92707

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