KFC Puts Grated Cheese On Donuts!

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KFC Indonesia
Fresh off their soup-frying kick of a few weeks ago in Japan, there's news that other KFC's in Asia are doing things we Americans would never think to do with our foodstuffs. Reports are saying that the KFCs in Indonesia have begun serving donuts with grated cheese on top.

Both the Consumerist and HuffPo wrote posts on this. But to their credit, both rightly point out that grated cheese used on things we American would consider sacrilege is not unusual in Indonesia. The Consumerist even said that the creation bears some resemblance to the Filipino ensaymada, which is traditionally topped with cheese and butter. HuffPo noted that Indonesians combine cheese and chocolate in its desserts. Both are true.

Just this weekend I ate a martabak manis (essentially an oversized pancake) with grated cheese and chocolate in it and thought nothing of it. But then, I'm Indonesian.

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

That is so gross sounding but it's nothing more than sugar bread anyway and it definately doesn't taste like chicken. Chese goes on bread all the time but the sugar content and calories are through the roof. Wheeeeeeeee.

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