The 5 Best Bites At The Golden Foodie Awards

Anne Marie Panoringan

We didn't plan on attending The Golden Foodie Awards this year, but we're glad we did. There were some worthy wins (The RANCH! Cathy Thomas! Slapfish! ALAN effing GREELEY!! But the best time was had before and after the main event, over Patrón and Chambord cocktails with some of our favorite people. Every time we wondered out loud what to try next, someone would not only throw out a suggestion, they led us to a great bite. Here were some of our favorites.

5. Pork Belly from Lucca Cafe

Anne Marie Panoringan

Winner for Best Mediterranean, Cathy Pavlos wouldn't settle for one offering. We'd normally reach for the tri tip, but she advocated for a spiced and rubbed Snake River Farms pork belly. Dressed with heirloom tomato jam, a balsamic glaze and cilantro, it was a slider worth devouring.

4. Coconut Ceviche from 118 Degrees

Anne Marie Panoringan

We ran into fellow Weekling photographer Josue Rivas covering the event. He stayed later than most, probably waiting for that one person to hurl trip on the dance floor. A man who likes his raw vegan cuisine, he highly recommended Jenny Ross' version, "It was so good, I had five plates." We agree. The bright flavors were a refreshing change from all that meat, and her carrot flax corn chip kept us satiated. However, we initially went to her table because they had the most convenient dishware-- large enough to hold multiple selections, with a notch for us to easily hold it (or was that for our wine glass?...whatever.)

3. Seabass Ceviche from Orange Hill

Anne Marie Panoringan

Yes, another ceviche. When you consider we aren't big seafood fans, this was rare. Recommended by Jim, another photog acquaintance, it was a great alternative from an establishment otherwise known for ambiance and weekend brunch. A smart choice on such a warm evening. Okay, and the bright orange Tobiko caviar didn't hurt.

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