C4, New Downtown Santa Ana Deli by Owners of Chapter One, Opens TOMORROW!

On Wednesday, I was stumbling around in downtown SanTana, as I'm wont to do, and walked into the fabulously titled C4: Cure for the Common, the new creation of OC's culinary Two Jeffs: Hall (the gabacho) and Jensen (the Argie), the owners behind Chapter One: The Modern Local. It's a beautiful place, full of exposed brick, gorgeous booths, long marble bars, and a deli already stocked with cheeses. Already on the menu is a great Reuben made from house-cured pastrami, a fabulous farro-Merguez salad, and bread AND dill pickles made in-house that are as great as they come.

It was a soft opening on Wednesday, because they're getting ready for the grand opening TOMORROW during SanTana's monthly Art Walk. GO GO GO!

Reubenesque Reuben at rest

This is going to be one hell of a place, with a wine and beer program run by a member of the Hi-Time family, all sorts of meats for sale (along with said beer and wine), and bread provided by the OC Baking Company. Congrats to the Jeffs, a more substantial review will come courtesy of Edwin, and see you tomorrow!

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Greg Chavez
Greg Chavez

Nothing... It's just another hipster Deli and Gustavo what's his name has a hard on for Santa Ana so he has to make a big deal about it.

Marie Handl
Marie Handl

No Cellucor comments yet? I'm surprised.

Linda Saslow
Linda Saslow

Good news. Homemade pickles are always a winner. Will they have chopped liver? Cabbage soup? Those are the clinchers that will make me go there instead of Katella Deli in Los Alamitos. Downtown Santa Ana is a smidge closer than Los Alamitos from my home, but my husband has so much culinary sentimentality with Katella that it is our Mecca. That the pickles would have to be Cleveland good for us to defect. A place called Jack's in Cleveland did have pickles that trump Katella's.

Maria A. Moffa
Maria A. Moffa

I'll give it a try, but I'll drive the 60 miles to Canter's Deli in Los Angeles ANY day!

Don Mexico
Don Mexico

What's different about it from every other deli? Do they give free blowjobs?

dubyadawg topcommenter

Don't be so negative. You know DTSA is knocking the rest of The OC out of the park! Go ahead, pitch your best butt-hurt curve ball! DTSA has plenty more rock stars lined up waiting for their turn to hit a home run. Congrats C4! Make papa Chapter One proud.

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