Alcatraz Brewing Company Closes in Orange: What's Going to Replace It?

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The last time we had worthy intel, we couldn't get verification. Two months later, Slater's 50/50 announced plans to open in Lake Forest. We were ticked. So even if nobody will confirm nor deny this piece of gossip, we're gonna run with it until the 'Coming Soon' signage is put up.

The latest blip on the restaurant closure radar was over the weekend, as Sunday, September 22 was the final day for Alcatraz Brewing Company in Orange. Per their website, here was their official farewell message:

"On behalf of the Alcatraz Brewing Company team, we regret to announce that September 22 was our last day of operations.

After more than a decade of happily serving the community, we are closing our doors. We thank all our loyal customers for supporting our passion for creating award-winning, handcafted beer.

It has been a privilege to serve you."

Employees were informed a couple of days before closing, making for a somber last day. Greg Nagel at OC Beer Blog tweeted about their fire sale on Sunday: $30 for 6(!) growlers. When we asked for his thoughts on the closure, he included, "They were approachable for the non-beer geek, and started to break out of their shell in recent months." Groupons will be refunded for those in possession of any.

So the rumors are flying as to what will replace it. A chef friend who works close by texted us that Saddle Ranch Chop House will be moving in. You know Saddle Ranch, mechanical bull, now open in Costa Mesa, Saddle Ranch. If that's the case, neighboring joints like Cafe Tu Tu Tango have their days numbered, assuming the concept works in a venue that's more shopping outlet and teen (tween?) centric than anything else.

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Alcatraz Brewing Co. - CLOSED

20 City Blvd. W., Orange, CA

Category: Restaurant

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The menu on Saddle Ranch web site says coming soon to Orange.

I love breweries but for some reason never liked Alcatraz.  A Northern California themed restaurant sounds like something you'd see at Disney California Adventure.

Gregory Nagel
Gregory Nagel

When the theme becomes synonymous with the product.


It's almost like they worked in prison! oh wait...

Cheryl Lynn
Cheryl Lynn

I said the same thing when we drove past it last Saturday night!


The employees found out about the closure when the former brewmaster saw the equipment for sale. He phoned one of the servers to let her know. Even then they weren't told. The executive chef knew 5 months ago and told no one. Except his wife who Bartends there. Pretty fucked up way to lose your job. Those are some awesome people that worked there.

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