There Is Now An Anthony Weiner 'Weiner Mobile,' And It's Giving Out Hot Dogs For Free

Categories: Really?!?!?

Joey Goodwin and John Gagliano for Good Days Marketing/Unruly Heir
Somebody had to do it. New York City marketing company Unruly Heir has launched a hot-dog truck, The Anthony Weiner "Weiner Mobile," jabbing fun at the embattled mayoral hopeful. It's adorned with cartoon illustrations of sausage links, talking cell phones and references to Weiner's sexting alter ego, "Carlos Danger." (Don't worry, it's all pretty PG.)

According to Grub Street, the truck roamed the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday, passing out real edible wieners (purchased from a restaurant as there's no actual kitchen inside). No word on whether they were kosher.

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