The Opening of G Burger At The Irvine Marketplace Imminent (Either Today or Tomorrow)

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Kevin Lara/OC Weekly
Hey Irvine, are you ready for the burger where you don't tell the counterman what you want on it; you tell him what you don't? G Burger is opening today at the Irvine Marketplace next to Thai Spice. Or if that doesn't work out, definitely tomorrow.

I tried to get the guy I spoke to at the O.G. La Habra store to give me a solid answer, but he wasn't budging on the "either Thursday or Friday" thing, and I didn't want to get too pushy, because well, if the winner of our Best Burger 2011 needs a day to get everything in line and perfect, I'll allow it.

But for sure, it looks like Irvinites and their Shelbyville neighbors in Tustin will not have to schlep it to La Habra any more for George Makri's meaty creations...and that's worth waiting a day.

No word yet on the Fountain Valley branch.

13256 Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA 92602, (714) 731-7758;

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