Taco Maria Now Officially Open; Menu Changes to 4-Course Prix Fixe

Shuji Sakai
Ever wonder why the marquee food critics for a publication never review soft openings? It's because the point of a soft opening is to make final tweaks before the ravening hordes descend on a restaurant. In Taco Maria's case, it's less a change to the dishes than a change to the timing.

In an effort to make more efficient use of limited space, the restaurant is opening with a four-course prix fixe menu that will cost $42, with $24 for a wine pairing on a much more expansive wine list. Don't worry, the dishes from the preview are still mostly there; that arrachera we posted a photo of from the pre-opening festivities is still there; so are the mole, the jardineros, and the fish al pastor.

Reservations are available at tacomaria.com.

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Location Info

Taco Maria

3313 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, CA

Category: Restaurant

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John Cabello
John Cabello

Sounds like with their new prices they should be out of business in no time.

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