It's Here: A Recipe For The Ramen Burger

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While perhaps not inciting the same level of utter insanity as the Cronut, the Ramen Burger has become another food craze that has left some drooling at the their computer screens and others scratching their heads. It's a USDA prime beef burger nestled between two buns made of fried ramen and topped with "secret" shoyu sauce, arugula and scallions. (Where were you back when I was in college?!) The carb-loaded creation is the brainchild of New York chef/ blogger Keizo Shimamoto, who is originally from Orange County! Gwen Stefani who? This is our newest claim to fame.

As always, with viral food trends comes imitators, black markets and recipe hacks. The folks at Popsugar Food have made a home-kitchen-friendly version of the Ramen Burger, and it looks easy enough to try! Check out their how-to video.

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JBinOC topcommenter

The GoRamen burger in the photo looks life-changing. 

The scallion garnish is final stroke of genius.  

Cronuts, schmo-nuts. 

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