Playground's Jason Quinn To Be A Judge On New MTV Food Show

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Food truck chef, Food Network's Great Food Truck Race winner, irascible restaurant owner who famously told a Yelp reviewer to "burn in hell", and OC Weekly cover boy Jason Quinn will need to add yet another title to his résumé.

According to this article in Variety, the Playground chef will play a Simon Cowell-like role as a judge in a new MTV show called Snackdown, which will feature amateur chefs competing in snack-inspired challenges. The winner will get a cash prize and be published in a cookbook based on the show. The equally irascible Eddie Huang hosts the program. Jason Quinn will be one of three judges along with model Chrissy Teigen.

The lesson: Being irascible can get you places.

A hat-tip to reader JB for the heads-up.

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Chuck U Farley
Chuck U Farley

Of course one of the judges is a model. Because models drink from the overflowing wellspring of food and snacking knowledge.

Katherine Nguyen
Katherine Nguyen

Not sure if it's available online - I watched it via U-Verse app on my iPhone! It aired originally last month - did you guys or anyone in OC write about his appearance in the show? There was a Dana Point chef on the same episode, too.

JBinOC topcommenter

Reader JBinOC (née JB, before Disqus and MyVoiceNation) would like to thank Variety for taking down its paywall so this scoop could be made possible. 

John Gilhooley
John Gilhooley

His personality is perfect for it , when I photographed the OC Weekly cover he said he was more into the food then "posing" for the cover and we did the shot in 15 min .... he walks the walk

Katherine Nguyen
Katherine Nguyen

Just saw the Chopped episode with Quinn vs. the chef de cuisine from ink. and felt almost sorry for him.

John Shafer
John Shafer

He is good at what he does. But he may be just that, and maybe his edgy personality. I hope not.

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