Pho Kobe Opens Second in Irvine

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Edwin Goei
This is a stock photo of a bowl of pho.
Ever since the loosely connected Pho Bac group of restaurants went their separate ways and renamed themselves Photasia, Pho Ba Co and Pho Bac Ky, there hasn't been a pho dynasty in Irvine.

Now there may very well be the beginnings of one. Pho Kobe, which opened its first store last year on Irvine Center Drive near Sand Canyon, has just debuted their second pho shop next to House of Kabob II, at Barranca and Jamboree, which I can tell you is a plaza whose parking lot was already taxed before this new restaurant opened.

But now is a good time as any to try it out. I saw banners advertising grand opening if pho wasn't a cheap meal already.

92 Corporate Park. Irvine, CA. (949) 379-3239

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