Creamistry, Urban Plates, and Doner G Get Ready To Open In Irvine

Edwin Goei
As we revealed long ago, the dessert shop that will use liquid nitrogen to freeze milk, cream and sugar instantly into ice cream is coming to Irvine at The Crossroads, taking over the old Yogurt Passion space. This past week, after months of nothing much happening, I saw some progress being made. The sign is now up and when I peeked inside, construction was actually being done. From the looks of It, it's probably still at least a month or two away.

Edwin Goei
Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, where Pizza Hut used to be, Urban Plates, the San Diego-based fast casual which resembles Tender Greens in their operating model and client base, is doing a lot of construction of their own. They're adding what looks like an awning of sorts to the existing structure.
Edwin Goei

And across the parking lot, where the Pita Grill was booted out, a stenciled announcement that Doner G will be moving in soon has quietly been put up on its blackened windows.

More on these developments as soon as they, um, develop.

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