Damn Fine Coffee! David Lynch Releases New Line of Lynchian Coffee at Whole Foods Market

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Special Agent Dale Cooper-Approved
David Lynch: director, actor, musician, now...coffee maker?

Yep, the visionary multimedia artist and filmmaker behind mega-iconic art house films such as Eraserhead, Inland Empire and Blue Velvet is teaming up with Whole Foods Market to release his own blend of signature roasts--only to be available in select Whole Foods stores in SoCal.

Titled "The David Lynch Signature Coffee Cup," the line will feature three different blends: House Blend, Espresso, and Decaf French Roast, each one taste-tested and selected by Lynch himself and boasting quality organic coffee grounds from the top coffee bean farms of the world. Just the perfect hot beverage to go with that slice of cherry pie.

Anyone who's been following the career of Lynch for the past couple of years, (or decades) probably won't be that surprised about this development. It's David Fucking Lynch. Beyond writing and directing some of the most bizarre, enigmatic pieces of cinema that have ever existed, he's delved into other side projects like music and painting with similarly bizarre, yet beautiful results. And for Lynch, himself an "obsessed" coffee drinker, this is yet another passion project, proving once again that the man is always on his own wavelength.

Lynch will be on hand to celebrate the debut of his coffee line at Whole Foods Market in West Hollywood to autograph purchases of his signature blends, or his new album The Big Dream on Friday, August 24 at 2pm. Check out more information here. The David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee line will only be available in Southern California Whole Foods locations and online at wholefoodsmarket.com

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JGlanton topcommenter

Will his java be as pretentious as his movies? 


This is not the first time he has sold his signature blend. Previously he sold the Allegro Mexican Blend under hsi signature in a distinctive black canister with his signature.

RocketJ topcommenter

Swen doog s'taht.

Angel Jervis
Angel Jervis

I'll buy you a fancy drink in a signature glass at Frankie's!!!

Jane Phillips
Jane Phillips

no worries, a cocktail in vegas will do, lol

Jane Phillips
Jane Phillips

oh, don't you worry, you will be getting some

Angel Jervis
Angel Jervis

It's only available in Southern California. :(

JBinOC topcommenter

David Lynch is an exceptional filmmaker -- a living legend who somehow has managed to be recognized by the Academy with several Oscar nominations despite the fact he's not a Mattel doll nor has made a movie about the Holocaust.  I hope he snorts some of his ground beans and churns out another masterpiece in the next year or so. 

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