Creamistry To Honor Expired Coupons When It Opens

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Edwin Goei
At some point in the near future, I'll most likely announce that Creamistry has finally opened. But right now is not that time. This post is yet another update, but there is actual news.

The owners have issued a mea culpa of sorts on that whole coupon thing. As you may remember Creamistry put out coupons in the local Clipper Magazine that led people to believe they were already open when they were just barely starting construction.

As I mentioned, the coupons had an expiration date--a date that would've been an impossible goal for all involved. Now they've announced via their website that they will indeed still honor those coupons when they do actually open. They've also seemed to manage to get Yelp to erase a slew of one-starred reviews from people who used it complained about the coupon debacle. Creamistry, thine slate is clean.

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JBinOC topcommenter

OK, this one is settled, but will that other company that advertises in Clipper Magazine really clean my air ducts for $29.95?


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