Japanese YouTube Cooking Show Cooks "Mexican" Food

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Cooking With Dog, the best Japanese food cooking show on YouTube, has finally ventured to exploring Mexican food. Well, kinda. Their latest recipe is takoraisu, or taco rice, the popular Okinawan dish that combines ground beef cooked with taco seasoning and cheese served over Japanese sticky rice.

If you've had this dish before you'd know that the American military presence in Okinawa had something to do with it. To watch the recipe is to witness a culinary feedback loop in action. It's also like that telephone game everyone played as kids, where one thing said at the start of the line ends up completely different at the other end. And the results, a reinterpretation of the American reinterpretation of a Mexican taco, are fascinating.

The Japanese, by the way, might feel the same way about the California roll.

Not to spoil anything, but ketchup and potato chips are involved. Just watch!

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Justine Burgess
Justine Burgess

It actually looks pretty good - weird, but good - other than the slightly-runny egg whites.

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