Burger King To Offer "French Fry Burger" Next Week

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Burger King
Really, Burger King? Really? The day after McDonald's, your valiant foe, announced that it's going to start offering its Mighty Wings, a totally new item, nationwide, you counter that with an announcement that you're going to introduce a so-called "French Fry Burger" starting September 1st, using the fries you already sell, stuffing it into the burgers you already make?

Though the R&D department seems to have phoned this one in, I do admit, it doesn't actually sound too bad, especially considering the whole Primanti Bros. thing with the fries in sandwiches. At least you're not charging more than $1.

Still, I wonder, will you still ask me "Would you like fries with that?" And what's the protocol if a customer orders said "French Fry Burger" and, say, asks for the fries on this side? Will your collective brains explode?

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