Wienerschnitzel Offers 15-Cent Hot Dogs This Sunday

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Ah, the hot dog. Humble. Cheap. The stuff on which empires are built. Empires like the Irvine-based Wienerschnitzel, which lost its founder, John Galardi, in recent months.

To honor him and in celebration of National Hot Dog Month (no, I had idea it was either), the chain is offering its original Chili Dog, Mustard Dog or Kraut Dog for just 15-cents on Sunday, July 21.

Tax is not included but heartburn probably is.

UPDATE: An astute reader who obviously read the fine print has pointed out that the offer is limited to one 15-cent item per person.

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Chris Criner
Chris Criner

...and enough sodium to create the Salton Sea, part deaux

JBinOC topcommenter

Der (Sunday) Fun(-day) since '61!  

See you there! 

Kim Csongor
Kim Csongor

Ahh... worked there back in '75 when it was DER Wienerschnitzel & although the chili-dog "with" (onions) was yummy, the SUPER Dog with pickles tomatos & mustard was the best- we still make them at home!

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