This Week In Food: Tits N Tacos, Tampon Flasks, and Biding Farewell to that one Damp Restaurant

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Amanda DeFrancis
Good food, meh location

Well, hello ladies and germs, it's time again for food news in an easily digestible format. Have a look...

First off, Edwin visited Pagolac Restaurant at their new location in Westminster, and while the food was still great - the new location was not so much. He spread the rumor that there will be a grilled cheese restaurant opening at the Irvine Spectrum, and told us the plans for the recently closed Rainforest Cafe in South Coast Plaza. I can tell you that it probably doesn't involve terrible food and a generally moist feeling.

Gustavo went to Food Factory Grill in Lake Forest for his Hole in the Wall column, and ascertained that the food is better than the name. Then he gave us the third installment of Mesamerica 2013 where we are living vicariously through Geeta Bansal. And last, he announced that Naugles, the Southern California, Mexican fast-food chain, is trying to make a comeback.

Michelle, writing about her usually strange and silly things, told us about a new food truck called Tits N Tacos. Goes together like pizza and beer, right? Maybe? Then she showed us the latest testament to our species' ingenuity - hidden flasks posing as tampons! Easily sneak booze into your next concert and then look like a total freak when you pull it out to take a swig! Yay! On a tastier note, she also gave us five delicious s'mores recipes.

Anne Marie named the sangria from The Lost Vine wine bar the Drink of the Week. She chose Slapfish's shrimp and grits as one of the top 100 dishes in Orange County, and last, she spoke with Chef Paul Hibler from Pitfire Pizza for her On The Line column.

Dave wrote about a shop in Baja that actually makes a decent cup of joe. Shuji shared the opening of Tofu King in Irvine, and last but never least, Sarah went to KPasta for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next week, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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