Introducing The Tampon Flask For Overachieving Booze Smugglers

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Smuggle Your Booze
Music festival season has arrived and even amateurs know that the vodka-in-a-water bottle scheme will get you thrown back to the parking lot before the opening acts. Behold, the tampon flask. Sold by Smuggle Your Booze, a site that also helps you conceal alcohol in sunscreen bottles and bra pads, this test-tube-shaped shot container is masked as an inconspicuous feminine hygiene stick--you know, a man's kryptonite.

"Guys won't even look at a tampon much less handle it at security," the description reads.

Party in the Porta-Potty! Classy, ladies. Classy.

Via Laughing Squid

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Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper

Something tells me it wouldn't so well for me... :(

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