Check Out This Amaaazing Seal Pup Cake Created For The Aquarium Of The Pacific's 15th Anniversary

Sweet & Saucy Shop
Last week, Long Beach's Aquarium Of The Pacific celebrated 15 years of underwater education with a party featuring a very sweet guest of honor.

This cake was created by the talented team at Sweet & Saucy Shop, a custom dessert bakery with locations in Newport Beach and Long Beach. It was inspired by this adorable guy, a male harbor seal born at the aquarium in May.

"We thought it would be a great symbol of the continued success of the aquarium," a cake designer wrote to us in an email.

Check out these photos of the amazing cake.

Sweet & Saucy Shop

Sweet & Saucy Shop

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Monica Satcher
Monica Satcher

Wonderful bit of artistry. But... what happens when it comes time to slice into it? And serve it up? Yeeek.

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