Stick a Fork In It: Blue Ribbon Winner At OC Fair!

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I've been watching from the sidelines as my fellow OC Weekly/Stick a Fork In It writers rake in nominations and awards this year from the LA Press Club and Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. While I'm proud of their great work, I was bummed I hadn't contributed to the glory . . . until now. 

Stick a Fork In It is now the the proud owner of a 2013 OC Fair first-place blue ribbon because of an exhilarating post I wrote about the benefits of homemade chicken stock. Specifically, we were on top in the "Blog Post, Editorial, Informational Food Essay, Historical or Personal" division. Considering the OC Fair was where I cut my teeth (and nearly broke bones) back when I was a reporter, bringing home the blue ribbon is kind of a big deal.
I celebrated with a plate of deep-fried ribs, and to honor this achievement properly, I plan to hang it on the wall for eternity next to my other pride and joy, the coveted judge's ribbon from the "Barnyard Fashion Parade."

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OC Fair & Event Center

88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA

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JBinOC topcommenter


Elmomonster won Honorable Mention in the same category for

"Bittermelon at Tasty Noodle House" (Feb. 13, 2013)

in Monster Munching. 

He's too modest and too busy writing Roger Rosenblatt-esque pieces to mention this!! 

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