Yelp Says Hipsters in OC Only Exist in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, and Barely in Fullerton

Categories: Really?!?!?

Sometime this week, those crazy Yelp kids unveiled a feature that allows you to gauge cities' neighborhoods on a map by keywords drawn from user reviews, letting you know where to go if, say, you're looking for an area heavy in cocktails or hangover cures. Since OC's is mostly cities, and distinctive neighborhoods are almost at a minimum, this feature is of limited use for us. Nevertheless, we can divine some interesting summations of where OC exists, especially in the hipster category--namely, we have next-to-none, per Yelp.

In fact, according to the feature, hipsters in Orange County exist in only two cities: Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana. The formers' main two gathering areas, per Yelp, are in the 405-55-73 Triangle (home to a certain complex whose owner doesn't like us) and around the SOCO Collection. In SanTana, unsurprisingly, hipsters congregate around its downtown, home to many fine restaurants.

The only other city that barely registers on the hipster list is downtown Fullerton--but only the slightest shade. Have fun with the feature here--just remember to scroll south from Los Angeles, and enjoy!

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