Five Amazing Ways To Make S'mores In The Rally To Save OC's Beach Fire Pits

Neighborhood Food
For generations, Orange County's beach fire pits have been a source of fun and tradition, part of the soul of sum-sum-summertime in freewheeling Southern California.

Now they could disappear.

The biggest threat to the pits is the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), which is scheduled to meet about removing or modifying them on Thursday. We say the best way to rally in support of the beloved rings is to go and enjoy them.

And since you'll surely be making s'mores, here are ways to spruce up the bonfire staple. Better do it before it's too late ...

1. Banana S'mores

Neighborhood Food
Oh, hello. Recipe at Neighborhood Food.

2. Bacon S'mores

So simple, yet so satisfying. Recipe from ManBQue.

3. Strawberry S'mores

1 Fine Cookie
Requires a bit of prep work, but the result is worth it, times 10. Recipe at 1 Fine Cookie.

4. S'mores Pizza

Craig Priebe
Because why not make a meal out of it? Recipe by Craig Priebe.

5. PB&J S'mores

Strawberry marshmallows, peanut butter cups and graham crackers--oh my. Recipe at Kitchenette.

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