The Last Supper at Britta's Cafe in Irvine: Britta's Farewell Message

Anne Marie Panoringan
Potato, pancetta & pesto pizzetta from the wood oven

Sunday was the final brunch and lunch service, but we made a point of dining at Britta's Cafe Saturday for dinner to say goodbye to her 26 years of culinary bliss. Pulliam wrote a heartfelt letter on the back of her menu, and we wanted to share her thoughts with Forkers unable to stop by these last few weeks. We've also incorporated photographs from our meal.

When I was 25 years old, I decided to turn my lifelong dream of owning a restaurant into a reality. On October 12, 1987, I opened Britta's Cafe on the Balboa Peninsula, and 14 years later, we moved to the location I have today in Irvine. I am so lucky to have been able to carry out my culinary passion throughout these years, and I have my family, friends, customers and employees to thank for that.

I am writing to you today because after 26 years, I have decided to hang up my chef coat for the last time and retire myself from being a restaurateur on June 30th.

Anne Marie Panoringan
Duck confit with caramelized onion and turnip risotto

When I originally wanted to open a restaurant, I never imagined it would become what it is today. I knew it was what I wanted to do, but I didn't realize how much a part of me Britta's Cafe was going to become. I didn't expect that my customers and employees would become my extended family, and how beautifully our lives would intertwine.

As much as I know that it is time for me to stop working seven days a week, I can't yet fathom how much I am going to miss you all.

Anne Marie Panoringan
Seafood stew in fresh herb and tomato broth

Whether you are a past or present customer, a recent or long-time employee, have joined us for a wine dinner, celebrated your birthday, had a breakfast with us every Sunday morning, or have simply passed through once or twice, I have so much gratitude for each and every one of you. These past 26 years of Britta's Cafe have been the best years of my life, and I can't imagine having spent those years any differently. You have truly completed my memories, my dreams, and, most importantly, are a part of who I am today.


So, I hope that over these next final days I will be able to see some of you here at Britta's, sitting at your favorite table, having your favorite meal or just hanging at the bar, so I can say not, "Goodbye" but, "Thank you and see you soon."

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