Watermelon Oreos Now On Sale At Target For A Limited Time

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I was on board with the Birthday Cake Oreo. The Gingerbread Oreo was also a good idea. But until I try it, I think I'm still on the fence about Watermelon Oreos, the new limited-edition flavor Nabisco has introduced for the summer and exclusively at Target.

The Watermelon Oreo has two-toned creme (red and green, of course) sandwiched between a Golden Oreo cookie (thankfully, not the chocolate one), and sounds like a gimmick.

A blog reviewer named Junk Food Guy, who started out as skeptical as I was, was pleasantly surprised. He posted pictures and his favorable impression:

"I am, frankly, SHOCKED. These were good, REALLY good. They didn't have the overbearing sweetness that the Candy Corn Oreos or the Blizzard Oreos or even the Birthday Cake Oreos had. No, these were subtle in flavor, with just enough watermelon to make me smile. GOOD WORK, OREO."

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I love these Oreos so much, I want to take them behind a middle school, and get em pregnant.

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