Starbucks To Raise Prices Tomorrow

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If you weren't reading this article, would you have even noticed that certain Starbucks drinks will have cost 10 more cents this week than last week?

The price of some beverages at the coffee giant will see an increase effective tomorrow, June 25, the first price change in about two years. It will represent about a one percent increase nationally in an average Starbucks beverage purchase price.

A spokesman for the company said that less than a third of beverages will be affected by the price hikes. "In most stores, the price of a Grande or Venti brewed coffee, as well as Frappuccino and Refreshers, will remain the same," she said.

The most you'll see is only about a 10 cent increase for a tall brewed coffee, but like I said, would you have even noticed?

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JBinOC topcommenter

Starbucks was 1999...2002...maybe even 2005 in some locations. it just me...or is the quality of its beverages, across the board, pretty bad in 9 out of every 10 orders?  

And if I'm recalling correctly, a "Tall" coffee will now cost $1.75 in Orange County, effective tomorrow.  

At some point -- maybe now -- people are going to ask themselves, why don't I just go to the office break room if I want a bad cup of coffee. 

I want to like Starbucks...but they need to invest more of the $ they're collecting into the customer experience.  

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