Pita Grill in Irvine Closes

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Edwin Goei
Pita Grill, the Lebanese purveyor of shawarma in Irvine that we highlighted in an Eat This Now post a few weeks ago and in our current print issue, has suddenly shuttered.

According to a comment I received from a reader this weekend, Pita Grill's last day was last Sunday. When I went to check it out yesterday, the signage has been removed from the building and the windows blacked out.

Though phone calls made to the store have been unanswered, the commenter on my personal blog, Monster Munching, said that, "According to one of the employees, they might re-open in a month or so somewhere on 17th Street in Tustin."

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We went before they closed last month and the signs posted on their doors and various locations inside mentioned they couldn't renew their lease because the Irvine Company claimed they weren't a good fit for the shopping center.

JBinOC topcommenter

Pita Grill was in an Irvine Company center, yes? 

That might explain the closure and potential relocation. 


@ironetik The Irvine Company is a soulless corporation that makes Dick Cheney look like a humanist!  

Landlords make a place a place.  Rapacious ones make a place a travesty.  Having just returned from Pacific Grove and Santa Barbara, one see the difference dramatically.  Individuality is stomped out and jomogeneity encouraged.  Ugly.


@rpmcestmoi1 Take a break from the barricades, dude. I'd been to Pita Grill several times. The food was unremarkable and the place was dead quiet. They tried every variation of menu selection, advertising, promotions, etc. to draw in business. They're gone because they couldn't pay the rent, not because the landlord was evil. Sheesh!

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