Pho Thanh Lich Moves To A New (But Not Better) Location

Edwin Goei
Pho Thanh Lich, the winner of our Final Pho Tournament of a few years back, has changed locations. The lease on the old location reportedly ran out, so they upped and moved.

This is not the first old-school Little Saigon restaurant to pull up stakes and migrate lately. Pagolac, the venerated 7 courses of beef restaurant also moved to a new, if less visible location. But Pho Thanh Lich's new home at 13135 Brookhurst St. in Garden Grove is not just less visible, it's hidden. The place seems wedged underneath the armpit of one of those crowded, two-story mini-mall edifices.

So spread the word. Give our champ some love.

Here's a snippet of what I wrote of its old place.

The room smells of the sour tang of dried mops, mildewed dish rags and sweat. There are what appear to be Christmas garlands left up from holidays long forgotten. A tired, droopy-eyed old woman doesn't even bother with the niceties, her demeanor as no-nonsense as the bowls that come out of the kitchen. She drops the menu in front of you as if she's tossing a bone to a dog. She jots down your order quickly without any acknowledgment that you're a paying customer. Around you, like-minded thrifty souls gather, the restaurant filling up the later it gets. Here, like nowhere else, there's the feeling of community among strangers, a shared experience of something good, something special: the pho.

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Pho Thanh Lich

13135 Brookhurst St., Garden Grove, CA

Category: Restaurant

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Damn awesome that they are still around, though farther away from my work =(

Some of the best Bun Bo Hue goin' on.


I've been there a couple of times since they moved, the new location is hard to find, specially since you can't see the street number anywhere. It's the mini-mall with two or three pot dispensaries in it. I really wish they had found a better location, even if it was an older one. I'm sure that the owners have their reasons for choosing this place. The first time I went was about a week after the move and the place was empty, and you could see the worry on the owner's faces and when I asked the older guy why they moved, he replied that "the lease was over and the place was likely going to be torn down." The restaurant itself is an upgrade from their old location. It's new, clean, and nice. I did not see the everyday half-price menu they had at the old place, probably because the rent is higher here, but their regular prices are still decent. One thing that has not changed is the food. It's still the best Pho in OC. Like Edwin suggests, let's show some love to this place. It will be sad to see this place go down in history. 

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