Nestle Introduces Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Coffee Creamers

Very soon, the best part of waking up may be Thin Mints and Samoas in your cup. Nestle brand Coffee-Mate is introducing Girl Scout cookie-flavored coffee creamers because, well, this is America. Oooooh, what if we dunked our Girl Scout cookies into our Girl Scout cookie-flavored coffee? We might just die from a flavor explosion--or diabetes.

The limited-edition creamers are available at grocery stores and other retailers this summer.

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Steve Lanzi
Steve Lanzi

Much better than the Boy Scout-flavored ones.

Monica Serratos
Monica Serratos

Just what we need, more promotion for cookies made with palm oil (leading to deforestation), cottonseed oil (doused in herbicides/pesticides), high fructose corn syrup, misleading labeling of trans fat and GMOs. Not to mention the message it is sending to kids about junk food. I'll pass thanks.

Lisa Pereira Silva
Lisa Pereira Silva

These are already out in Target stores! The Samoa one is good, but thin mint...not so much :(

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