How To Pronounce Köttbullar (Swedish Meatballs) And Other IKEA Product Names

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IKEA's Swedish meatballs are tasty and great fuel for those long days of following arrows and picking out furniture that you're forced to assemble yourself using just a metal letter "L" and cartoon instructions. But how the heck do you pronounce Köttbullar?

Like this:


We learned this using IKEA på Scenskaabout (IKEA in Swedish), a neat website that teaches you how to say all sorts of Ikea product names, including food items such as Gräddsås (cream sauce), Lingonsylt (lingonberry jam) and Påskmust (Swedish Easter drink). Click on any box and a woman says the word. Learn it, put it to memory and impress all your friends.


"When a guy named Ingvar Kamprad founded Ikea, he decided to name the furniture with proper names and words, so it would be easier to remember," the site says. "Well, easier for Swedes. Too bad he didn't predict his company would be all over the world, leaving the rest of us clueless when it comes to the names. So learn how Swedes pronounce them and stop sounding ridiculous."

Now, if only it taught you how to say, "Give me all my missing parts, dammit!"

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