Five Awesomely Functional Food-y Business Cards

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Bon Vivant
The exchanging of business cards seems to be a dying a custom. I rarely give mine out (usually, conversations with new acquaintances end with "I'll find you on Facebook!"), and when people hand them to me, they usually end up in the bottomless abyss that is my handbag, never to be glanced at again. But then again, I've never gotten a business card as awesome as these.

Check out these five amazingly functional, food-related business cards that do double duty. Genius. Whatever they're promoting, I'll take one!

1. Cheese Grater

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Bon Vivant

From Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant. Good thinking with the added pocket protector.

2. Bottle Opener

Ji-Young Chun

This one would stay in my wallet for good. Designed by Ji-Young Chun.

3. Jerky

BC Adventure

If you're stranded in the woods, you'll be thankful to have this edible card from survival-training company BC Adventure. You can also print any business card on a slab of dried meat via MeatCards.

4. Mini Utensils

Black Napkin

They really work! The card for food blog Black Napkin is constructed of stainless steel.

5. Sauce Packets

Gitam BBDO Israel

Very handy cards from Gitam BBDO Israel. Where's the Sriracha?

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