Devilicious Donuts Stakes Out Irvine Location for Second Store

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Our trusty friend and tipster thatguy542, he who sees anything and everything that happens at Irvine Village Shopping Center, has told me that the second location of Devilicious Donuts has staked out a location next to Koko's Cafe at the end of the main strip of shops.

Devilicious, if you aren't already familiar, doesn't just do maple bars; it does bacon maple bars. There are Froot Loops-covered doughnuts, red velvet doughnuts, even those ever-fashionable blueberry doughnuts that all shops such as this must offer.

More news on this as it comes! And thanks, thatguy542!

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Location Info

Devilicious Donuts

28601 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA

Category: Restaurant

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